How it Works

Safety Tips

-Read reviews of the person before you agree to ride with them. As a safety guideline for others, please remember to provide a review after your ride.

-Talk to your rider on phone before agreeing to ride with them. Use our messaging service to get their number. If you have any doubts then plan to meet the person first in a public place.

-Before your ride, share relevant details of the rider with your family, friends or relatives.

-Choose a public place for pickup and drop-off.

-Feel free to refuse the ride if you are not comfortable for any reason.

-Confirm that the profile picture of the rider matches with the one in real. If you have any doubts then request a license check. Likewise please cooperate if your rider requests you a license verification.

-Do not accept the ride if you find anything suspicious. Also report any suspicion you have to us so that we can try to get in touch with the account holder and if required remove the account.

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